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22 April 2011 @ 10:31 pm
FC newsletter has arrived  
Journal update, setting a goal of at least 2 journal entries each month. Let's hope I can stick to that (>.<)

Recent made a purchase on je_goods  and it finally arrived. YAY~!!
However my ROOKIES photobook that I brought from yesasia hasn't come yet D: , will post pictures when I get it, only to reach that minimum of 2 journal entries hehe...
2010 Spring Issue
Love the inside, especially MatsuJun's photos from his trip to New York
Too bad I couldn't stalk him
Amanda included this on my package which I love :D 
Tape from Arashi's Kimi to Boku no Miteru Fuukei
ムード: chipperchipper
音楽: Mukei Spirit - Shibasaki Kou