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前を向け Facing Foward


Coloured Butterflies
My name is Hanna, I'm full-chinese and was raise almost all my life in New York. I have been a dedicated Arashi fan since 2006, I was Jun-baited. (^.^) How can an Arashian not love Hana Yori Dango, that's what got me hooked on. However Aiba is my ichiban, with that of course, Sakuraiba is my OTP.

Currently attending high school in the US and I'm just waiting to be shipped off to college. Thus, my LJ will not be updated often, real life takes over. I do hope to make new friends and am more than happy to talk to anyone. :) Don't worry I do not bite.
My interests are not just in the Arashi fandom, I do like other Japanese artists and would love to talk to someone about them , none of my friends in RL are interested in Japan. D:

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